Surrey Heath Business Network – Camberley local business networking

Surrey Heath Business Network (SHBN) is a local independent business network group.

Our members run local businesses and we help each other through sharing information and referrals.

We meet every Wednesday between 7:30am and 9:00am at Pine Ridge Golf Club Old Bisley Road, Frimley, Camberley, GU16 9NX.

Come along to meet us by booking with our secretary Linda on info@shbn.co.uk or 07973 753570 or 01276 512710

Monthly Membership is only £40 per month, which includes your breakfast each week.


Surrey Heath Business Network

The members of Surrey Heath Business Network (SHBN) have been meeting as group since 2002. They initially formed the Camberley group of the Business Referral Exchange (BRX) and became an independent group with the launch of SHBN in around 2008.

Over the years they have had a few changes of venue for their meetings, all within the Camberley area, and they have now settled at Pine Ridge Golf Club where they have had their weekly Wednesday breakfast meetings since 2013.

Of the original members from 2002, two founder members remain and there are others with some five to ten years membership. Of course there is some turnover in membership as people leave for various reasons and the size of the group has fluctuated between some twenty plus and a dozen members.

New members are always welcome, not only to maintain the numbers as there will always be some natural attrition, but to introduce new ideas and expertise and extend the number of professions represented.